Bugs on the Road

Terry Lynn and I took the “Bug Show” to W. M. Irvin Elementary School, in Concord, NC.  Steph, our daughter, teaches at there.  And our grandchildren are students there as well.  We spoke Monday evening to the ASPIRE students, and then again on Tuesday.  The teacher polled students before the presentation, and very few wanted to try eating a bug.  But after the presentation almost all the students wanted to try entomophagy.

We really enjoyed our visit to the school.  The students were very polite.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  Many of the staff were willing to try the various bug based products we offered,  and I think they all gave the “thumbs up” to items such as Chirps (chips made with cricket flour), Exo  and Chapul Bars (protein bars powered by crickets, HotLix  candy with insects.

If you are anxious to try eating insect products, click on this page (www.stevebailes.org/blogs/entotreats/) then scroll 1/3 down the page to the “products” section.  You’ll notice many of the products offer promo code discounts.

Please send any questions about entomophagy.  I’ve already posted the disclaimer that I have no expertise in the field, but I would try to find the answer.  There is a growing community of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, and many have generously to share what they know.  If you have related topics you would like explored, please let me know.

People ask, “What do bugs taste like?”  Next time I’ll address that and  the presentation for the Park Service.



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