A Toothless Termite Walks into a Bar…

The Augusta Trailblazers 4H invited me to talk about entomophagy. Before the presentation I polled the young folks, and nobody said they wanted to eat bugs.  (One of the dads was ready to try them.)  This was a tough crowd.  They were very polite, but the youngest seemed particularly indisposed to eating bugs.  I was impressed that (I think) all the club members tried some of the products I brought.

Kids initially responded, “Yuck! No way!”.  And not all were won over.  But when I hear a young person say, “That’s actually pretty good!” I am encouraged.

Thanks to Cindy Twigg for the great photos.  Here is a link to her photography site

I am passionate about entomophagy because: 1) it is good for the Earth, 2) it can help us live longer and healthier lives and 3) it can help us meet the nutritional needs of the rapidly expanding world population, and 4)  they TASTE good. Here is an article that addresses the 2nd benefit.   Can entomophagy provide prebiotics to feed the probiotics in our gut and thereby improve our brain function?  Read this and let me know what you think.

Would anybody like to come to North River Mills for a Bug Fest?  I could fix some delicacies where the bugs are hidden– “not in your face.”  And I could have some tasty treats where you can see the insects.  And I could talk a little about entomophagy.  I could pretend it is “Show-and-tell” and bring my meal worm larvae hive.  If folks would pitch in a couple bucks It would help me pay for the products.  Let me know if you are interested.  (Don’t crash this Word Press site by everybody messaging at once.)

I’d like to thank these companies and organizations for their support: AspireBassetts Cricket RanchBitty FoodsBug Eater FoodsChapulCrik Nutrition – Cricket Protein PowderEntomarketExo Protein barsHopper FoodsHOTLIX Candy StoreJurassic Snacks Inc.NextMilleniumFarms, Six Foods Chirps , and Little Herds.

The rest of the buggy joke?  A toothless termite walks into a bar and asks, “Is the bar tender here?”