The Crunch Heard ‘Round the World

I was invited to bring my bugs and speak at Purcellville Library in Virginia on Sunday, October 11. Culinary Insects with Entomophagist Steve Bailes— I talked about how nutritious bugs were, how “earth friendly” bugs were, and how delicious bugs were. Several companies generously donated insect products so I could share them with the audience.

Jurassic Snacks of Everson, Washington, sent pancake mix. An elementary school age boy and girl helped me prepare the pancake batter, then fry and serve (and enjoy) the pancakes. These went over well.

Lithic Nutrition sent energy bars. The energy bars are always popular.

Cricket Flours, of Portland Oregon sent a brownie mix. My wife, Terry Lynn, is famous for her brownies. But she and others gave their stamp of approval to my brownies. Maybe we can get the brownie chef to start using cricket flour.

Chloe’s Treats and HopN Bakery even sent dog treats– making the case that all that insect goodness shouldn’t be selfishly hogged by the human species.

If you want to browse some of the other insect products, go to  You see some promotional discounts in red. You’ll also find buggy events.

Last Friday I was leading a school hike over and through the Paw Paw Tunnel.  Like everybody else, our conversation eventually landed on entomophagy (eating bugs).  I related how the Aspire  folks were at first discouraged when they realized some people in Africa no longer ate insects, “because Americans don’t eat them.”  Undaunted, the Aspire folks came back to the U.S. with the mission of encouraging entomophagy, believing that when the U.S. embraces bugs (figuratively speaking) it will then more readily spread to other parts of the world. One of the bright young students on the Paw Paw Tunnel trail suggested that mission would be, “The crunch heard ’round the World.”  I liked that.