Beondegi (번데기) N-sectsy Sushi

I think I mentioned beondegi in my last article.  I was excited to find it in a local market.  Beondegi [bon DAY gee] is a Korean delicacy of cooked silk worm larva.  The larva gorged themselves on mulberry leaves, so the taste is distinctive.  They are typically boiled then served as a snack.  Foodmaxx in Winchester now stocks beondegi, and it only costs about $1.50.  I fried them in a very hot skillet.  Then I rolled them in a sushi roll,  “N-sectsy Sushi”.   I think this has some real potential.

I’m afraid my presentation was lacking.  I let Terry Lynn (who wasn’t feeling well) watch me open the can.  Other forms of protein (beef, chicken or pork) don’t look very appetizing when you begin to prepare it.  Likewise, the silk worm larvae won’t look mouth watering when you first open the can.  And, well, there is the issue of the smell.  The smell of beondegi would not appeal to many westerners.

So I would suggest you first allow someone else to prepare the dish.  I’m guessing you will like it.  Then maybe you won’t find the preparation distasteful.

I wonder if Nibblins would like to offer a “Cooking with Bondegi” course?  Or just a generic “Cooking with “Bugs class.

Heather and Steph’s families are coming in for Thanksgiving.  Other family is coming in as well.  Other family members often bring a dish for the feast.  I wonder if Terry Lynn would like me to prepare my new bug dish?   We all have so much to be thankful for.  Wishing you and yours a Buggy Thanksgiving.

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