“It’s In the Book…”

What fun.  Katherine Cobb authored a two volume book, Panhandle Portraits, a Glimpse at the Diverse Residents of West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle, “a coffee table-style book featuring compelling portraits of West Virginians and their unique characteristics… The goal was to examine the “everyday person” while still representing industries or organizations prevalent in the Eastern Panhandle such as horse racing, car racing, history preservation, war reenactment, agriculture and outdoor adventure.”

I am featured in volume two.  I still don’t understand why.

Katherine and her book were featured by Liz McCormick on West Virgina Public Radio. You can click here for the interview.  About 3 minutes into the interview Katherine is asked “about one of the standouts.”  Katherine named yours truly.  Liz asked her why.  Katherine’s response, “He eats bugs.”  So the “take away”– you don’t have to be good looking, or charming, or intelligent.  If you want to “win friends and influence people”– eat bugs.


Katherine wrote, “I wanted to show the breadth and depth of West Virginians. We have such an interesting population, both people who have lived here for several generations and others who arrived at various junctures but who have made a significant contribution in some way,” said Cobb. “It’s also no secret West Virginians are often negatively stereotyped, and I find that frustrating. The people here are like anyone in any other state. I enjoyed putting something positive about our citizens into print, and putting something positive into the world, period. There’s so much negativity and tension this past year — this is something that will make people feel good when they open it up.”

Here is a Youtube book teaser.  About 30 seconds in the video lables me, “Enlightening.”  Go figure.

You can find sources for insect products at http://stevebailes.org/blogs/entotreatsprofilespanhandlestevesmallest1

On a serious note, I felt very honored to be included with so many fascinating and inspiring people.  You can find more information at www.katherinecobb.com/  Thanks, Katherine.