How Do You Stuff a Cricket?

The Cumberland area C&O Canal educational staff gathered for an end of the year party at Canal Place.  This was a potluck dinner, and Ranger Rita assured me I was allowed to bring bugs.  Terrty Lynn also attended and took non-bug dishes.

I have really enjoyed working with the National Park Service C&O Canal staff and the other CCC (Canal Classroom Corp) staff.  Seeing the excitement from the kids (and adults) when they get to spend a day in this outdoor classroom is very rewarding.

Back to the dinner…  I was excited to try a new bug product.  Bugeater Foods  recently donated a new product, Brown Cricket Rice.  The generous donation (along with a bag of Jump cricket protein) was in support of a local Food Pantry (Capon Bridge, WV). They aren’t even marketing it yet.  This seemed so fitting.  I believe insect products can help feed the growing world population.  (By the way, the generous donations and bidders at the Rain Crow’s 4th Annual Food Pantry Benefit yielded thousands for the hungry in our community.)

Again, back to the dinner… I used the cricket rice (20% cricket) to make hosomaki sushi rolls.  The sushi also contained wax worm larva.  Seth Myers and Kim Greist tried the tried the sushi and gave good reviews.

I have not “won over” Dave Long, a CCC  colleague,  to entomophagy (eating bugs).  He wanted to know, “Just what do you use to stuff a roast cricket?”  Actually the answer is extensive.  Companies who are raising crickets are feeding crickets with varied diets such as basil.  The insects I eat typically taste like what they eat.  So I like the thought that I can feed that cricket on sage and other spices before I roast him for the holiday feast.  (Save me the drumstick.)

By the way, if you would like to join the CCC to help present educational programs to school groups, check out this page.  (The hot link.  Not an ad.)

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