Bugs on the Menu, “It’s a keeper.”

Alli came by recently.  I had some pumpkin, tomato, corn basil mealworm stew on the stove.  I offered to let her try it.  She surprised me.  She was fine with trying the mealworms, but she didn’t like pumpkin– in any form.

Allison is a young lady of many talents.  She is in her last semester at West Virginia Wesleyan College.  She is quite a chef, and I actually would have predicted that she would have become a professional chef.  Instead,  her interests have steered her more toward business.

So my mealworm stew was a no-go.  But how about a milkshake made with cricket protein powder?  Allison Brill posted “I had a wonderful afternoon spent with Steve and Terry. As with anyone who visits, Steve always offers his “special” food. Terry assured me that I really didn’t have to give in and try anything, but I was curious and a [Bugeater Foods] Chocolate Cricket Milkshake sounded not half bad. Steve, this recipe is a keeper!”

Terry Lynn and I host a “neighborhood” breakfast on Martin Luther King Day.  I got to fix cric-kakes (pancakes made with Aspire, Cricket Flours, and Bitty Foods cricket flour.)  Some insect based foods have a distinct taste and texture.  Usually people are just surprised that the pancakes “aren’t really different.”  It sems that much of the excitement with cricket flour products comes when the person learns all the advantages– benefits for individual health, benefits for our envioronment, benefits for those tackling the problem of feeding a rapidly growing world population.  Sebastian Donner’s verdict: “The cricket pancakes were delicious.”

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