“…Have to Give Crickets a Try”

We have had our farm in Hampshire County since the early ’50s’, but I attended school in Arlington, VA.  The “girl next door”, Judy, and her sister in Arlington were  sweet, gentle souls.  But I was traumatized when we were out collecting lightening bugs in the yard as children.  They would pinch the butts off lightening bugs to make glowing earrings and other jewelry.  I think Judy just recently redeemed herself.  She sent me a “bugs as food” article.  And she wrote, “I just might have to give crickets a try.”  Bugs are still on the “giving” end of the stick, but she is now considering what value bugs have as an important food source, one that is I think ethically, nutritionally, and environmentally sound.

Romney Elementary  5th grade teacher, Carrie Leigh, and her principal, Patty Lipps,  allowed me to come talk about entomophagy.  Carrie wrote: “Thank you Steve Bailes for coming to our school today and educating the third, fourth, and fifth graders (and their teachers) on the benefits of eating bugs!!!!!  I think you convinced Jess Barger to have bug snacks once a week!!!!!  Marleigh (Carrie’s pup) was thrilled with her Crisket [Hopn Bakery treat] !!!”  Jess Barger’s Photos on Facebook 

Over 150 students grades 3-5 and staff gave ear to the many benefits of entomophagy.  I shared some new images of some of my new bug dishes.  These were by and large greeted with loud exclamations of disgust.  But at the conclusion, lots of students wanted to sample the insect products I displayed.  I regretted denying their request, but I did tell them they could join me at a Bug Banquet, 6 PM, Thursday, Feb. 17 at the Capon Bridge Community Center.  (I am requesting R.S.V.P.s)

Many of the insect product companies sent stickers, business cards, or leaflets.  The students acted like it was a big deal to get these– like baseball cards?  I displayed products such as Aspire (Facebook: Aspire Food Group Aketta Facebook ), Bitty Foods – bitty cricket flour Facebook:  Bitty FoodsBug Eater Foods Jump Cricket Protein (shakes). Facebook page , Chapul protein bars UT,  Facebook: Chapul,Chloe’s Treats Facebo ok: chloesdogtreats Stamford, CT; Crik Nutrition – Cricket Protein Powder , Manitoba,  Facebook: CRIKNutrition  ,Cricket Flours Facebook: www.facebook.com/CricketFlour/ Portland, Oregon;  Critter Bitters or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Critterbitters/  NY; Entobento web or Facebook, Chris Glascoe, Chris Mahlberg (sales) Use promo code ENTOTREAT for free shipping. Entomarket  (Entosense, Bill Broadbeat) Entomophagy Ambassador,  Facebook:  Bugs for Dinner  Exo Protein bars Brooklyn, NY,  Facebook: Exo   Protein bars; Fluker’s,  Hopn Bakery  pet food, CA; Hopper Foods HOTLIX Candy Store www.hotlix.com/ CA; IncredibleFoodsFacebook page Fort Worth, TX;  Jurassic Snacks Inc. Facebook:  Jurassic Snacks Inc.  , Iceland; Lithic Nutrition,  Facebook, CO;  NextMilleniumFarms, EntomoFarms  and Cricket Flours  Edible Insects,   Ontario; Six Foods Chirps  Facebook Chirps Chips ; Thailand Unique and Little Herds , Austin, TX.


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