Home Again

I felt like I was back home.  39 years ago (Tuesday Feb. 22, 1977) I had been married for  about half a year.  My sweetheart and I had set up housekeeping in a 10’X16′ ice house.  That crazy girl was driving six times a week to Shepherd College (now university.)   I was in my 1st year of teaching at John J. Cownwell Elementary.  My principal was Stephen Keener.  I was privileged to teach with an incredible  and supportive staff including Linda Conway, Sandee Adrian, Linda Larson, Aurey Saville, and Petey Nixon.

Our president was Jimmy Carter, and the #1 song on the rock charts was “New Kid In Town by the Eagles.

I asked the students how they knew about Hampshire County’s National Teacher of the Year, Rae Ellen Scanlon McKee.  Did they know that Pres. Bush landed in Slanesville to make it official.  Did they know that she attended the predecessor of John J. Cornwell school.  Did they know that her daddy, Edgar Scanlon was the 1st principal of John J. Cornwell (I think.)

I had so many wonderful memories of teaching in this beautiful community.  All the old stores– Haines, Burkett’s, Levels– they’re gone.  But the ridges, the orchards, the fields were as beautiful as I remember them.  Many of the wonderful folks I remember have gone on to glory.

Anyway, back to the present, Rob Coleman, 3rd grade teacher at John J. Cornwell Elementary, invited me to bring my bug show to his school.  Maybe 50 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students gathered in the classroom where I began my teaching career.  I shared my passion for bugs, and my hopes that the young people will explore the potential for entomophagy.  I asked the students to be skeptical of claims I made on behalf of eating bugs.  But I also suggested, “Even if some of the claims are true, then shouldn’t we learn more about bugs.  Can they help feed a rapidly growing world population?  Can it help us protect our world– using its resources more wisely?  Can it help us live longer healthier lives.? I like to imagine that one of these students will pioneer research which wil yield important scientific breakthroughs.

I told the students I couldn’t offer them samples.  But I told them they could check my webpage to order their own.  There are so many and varied insect based products now available.

The teachers were good sports.  I doubt the students will remember much of what I shared.  But I bet they will remember that their teachers Rob Colebank, Angie Foster, and Stacey McKenzie were eating crickets and mealworms.

How about some rock & roll trivia.  What tune featuring bug solos stayed on the chart for 17 weeks in 1967?  Tommy James and the Shondells performed it?

I love being retired.  I love being able to “goof off” and reminisce at one of my favorite schools.  Keep up the good work John J. Cornwell.  You have much good history behind you.  And… bug appetit!

Answer to rock and roll trivia: I Think We’re Alone Now.”  Crickets get to solo breaks around :52 an again around 1:45.

Fine Dining– with Bugs

 In February we held a Bug Banquet benefit dinner for the Food Pantry at the  Capon Bridge Community Center, in Capon Bridge, WV.  We served a bunch of bug based dishes.  (Check the menu below.)  About 30 folks, a really fun crowd, donated $513.00 to the Capon Bridge Food Pantry. The Maurers, photographer and reporter for the Hampshire Review. were in attendance.  I appreciated the note of encouragement from Chef PV.  (Why don’t you check out his Buggin’ Out episodes.)
 The food pantry struggles to meet the needs of hungry families in our community. (1st purpose for the banquet.)
A 2nd purpose of this banquet is to enlarge the awareness of insects as an alternative food source.
Future CEO's of Bug Co.?Terry Lynn's Bug Brownies (From Kim)

Two Young’uns (future CEO’s of Bug Co.?) enjoying Terry Lynn’s Bug Brownies (From Kim)


Pre dinner samples:  Exo, and Jurassic, and Lithic Nutrition protein bars.. Chips and  Salsa w/ Livinfarms.com mealworms  and Bug Bistro and Aspire crickets

HOTLIX  snacks,

N-sects-y sushi (cooked mealworms in sushi rice rolls) Bug-itos –burritos with rice or Bug Eater Foods brown cricket rice , Rainbow Mealworm  and Seginus Farms mealworms, and cockroach nymps from AaronPauling.com , beans, tomato, cheese, lettuce and IncredibleFoods Sal de Cricket (salt, cricket and chili Crik-cakes (cricket pancakes) w/ Aspire and Jurassic,cricket flours Pepperoni  rolls made with Aspire  snack Cricket Power Powder. Brownies made with Jurassic snacks Cricket Power Powder. Bug Eater Foods Jump Cricket Protein shakes Doggy bag (for the dog– really) : Chloe’s TreatsHopn Bakery criskets and Entobento (dog biscuits)

Program  “Let Them Eat Bugs” 45 min. entomophagy slideshow

This  webpage lists producers of insect based products.  Many of the attendees asked where they could purchase their own.

Here are some comments and photos from the Bug Banquet:  From Doug, Naomi, Kim, and Chels.

N-sectsy-sushi, bug-itos and cricket flour rolls  (From Naomi)

Young entomologist gave thumbs up to many dishes-- but she  wasn't impressed with the mealworm salad topping.  (From Naomi)

Terry Lynn's pepperoni rolls 2/ cricket flour.  (From Naomi)









 (from Chels)


You can get your own Buggy T-shirt from Exo  (from Chels)


Salad  (from Chels)


Some bug products  (from Chels)


N-sectsy-sushi  (from Chels)


Bug appetit!  (from Chels)


Bug-itos and N-sectsy-suchi (from Chels)