If Mom Says…

Have you been looking for a source of insect products?  Mom’s Organic Market is featuring products such as whole, flavored mealworms and crickets, protein powder, Bolognese sauce, cookies, snack bars, and chips– all made with  cricket or mealworm.  I am particularly interested in the escamoles (ant larvae).

Mom’s has 17 stores.  In Virginia in Alexandria, Arlington, Herndon, Merrifield and Woodbridge. You can find the Virginia addresses here. In Maryland there are stores in Rockville, Bowie, Jessup, Baltimore, and White Marsh.  There are also a stores in DC and Cherry Hill, NJ and Pennsylvania.

Apparently the inventory differs at different stores, so you might want to call and check on aproduct availability before you make the drive.  Mom’s has this Facebook page.

Bugsfeed  lists stores and restaurants in the U.S. as well as other countries.

And here is my list of some of the online suppliers.

In my entomophagy presentations, I tell the audience that they should be skeptical.  Food trends and fads notoriously make outlandish claims.  But I challenge the audience to consider, “Even if only some of the entomophagic claims are accurate (feeding a rapidly growing world population, nighly nutritious, Earth friendly, etc.), doesn’t it behoove (my cows love that word) us to explore eating bugs.  hoppersteve

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