Home Again Part 2

2017March3BugsCoOp.JPGBugs have been good to me.  I have met some wonderful people.  I have expanded my food horizons.  I previously told of returning to my first classroom– where I began teaching in 1976.  Today I got to teach in the classroom where I taught 6th grade in the late ’80’s.

That classroom was the shop classroom for the old Capon Bridge High School.  I loved the great electric service in that classroom.  (In my other classrooms, my principals would come warn me to get rid of the extension cords when the fire marshall surprised us with a visit.) When I went to teach in the junior high, and the elementary moved to the new school, the old shop classroom became the Harold and Lake Henderson Fitness Center.  After the junior high/middle school also moved on the hill, the Capon Bible Fellowship turned the old school into  a church.  As I walked through the halls and classrooms, I was really impressed with the change in appearance, and I had to wonder why it wasn’t that attractive when it was a school.

So, my old classroom is now the social hall for the church.  And they host a local homeschool “Co-op.”  Barbara Whitacre invited me to bring my bug show as part of her “Foods” class.  For a snack, Barbara added about 20% Lithic  cricket protein powder with 80% of her regular brownie mix.  They were delicious.  (I also got to wear my Lithic T-shirt for the first time.)

I started the presentation with Emma Bryce‘s minute documentary (5 minute) Should we eat bugs? (Click the title if you want to watch it on Youtube.)  I  told the students, that they should not believe all the claims made on behalf of entomophagy. (Heck, some of my detractors would likely suggest “you shouldn’t believe ANYthing Bailes tells you.”)  So I told the students to be skeptical.  But I also urged them to consider the claims, the potential benefits.  Could eating bugs help us live longer?  Could eating bugs help our planet?  Could eating bugs help us feed a rapidly increasing population?  Could bugs actually taste good?  I encouraged the students to consider doing their own research– maybe a social studies fair project or a science project.  I can see many opportunities for meaningful research.  And the students could contribute to the understanding of this wide open field of research.

Teachers seldom know whether they have made their point, if they have registered with the students.  I think I would be very satisfied if one student had his or her interest piqued so they explore this field more.

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Wishing you many delicious buggy meals.


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