Bug Co-op

  1. A friend was ordering cricket flour, and she was disappointed that so much of the cost was shipping rather than the product. She knew free shipping was an option if you ordered a sufficient quantity, but she didn’t want that much. I jokingly said we should form a co-op. Then I thought (I do that occasionally), “Why not?” A co-op would allow folks to order larger quantities and reduce shipping charges. So that is the 1st purpose of the group.
  2. The group could also share information about insect product suppliers and retailers– both online and brick and mortar stores. I will post lists of suppliers and other buggy resources. Many of the suppliers offer promotional discounts and/or free shipping. Hopefully members will help update the information and correct any errors.
  3. So if you know somebody in the group and trust them, you can combine orders, then set up your own details for times and location for dividing your order and paying. (I would really appreciate it if folks do not sue me if you and your order partner disagree on payment or disbursements.)

Check it out if you are interested? No dues, no meetings, no requirements.  Then join if you are interested.