BUG Doin’s

Insect Tasting FlyerInsect Tasting Flyer(pdf)

Hilary F Lo of the American Conservation Film Festival asked me to share/serve some buggy food after a screening of the movie, “The Gateway Bug.” (Click here to see the trailer.  3 PM Sat. Oct. 14 and 4 PM Sat. Oct. 21 at The Frank CenterShepherd University.   You can get tickets here.

Hilary wrote: “Attention Foodies! Insect protein is trending in the US. Come learn about it at the American Conservation Film Festival. We’ll have products for tasting available after the screenings.”

“With entomophagist, Steve Bailes…”  If only Mom could see that her boy finally made something of himself. 

“A feature documentary about the rise of the edible insect industry in the United States as a response to decades of poor agricultural practices.”  Here is more info about the screening.

And if you are looking for more great bug events…16991747_1595260947169532_1019793861468628169_o.jpg

Hokie BugFest 2017 (Facebook)  Sat. Oct. 14 at Blacksburg, VA  Hokie Bug Fest , Virginia Tech.

You missed this one, but…

my friend and college room mate sent me this write up about the  September Brooklyn Bugs Festival.