The Gateway Bug

The Gateway Bug screening at ACFF (w/ special tasting) was Oct. 14 and 21 at Shepherd University, at the Frank Center.

Terry Lynn was assistant bug chef on the 14th. My rock band, Rain Crow, was originally scheduled to play at the Grassy Lick Autumn Festival from noon until 3.  Even taking a shorter break than scheduled, Terry Lynn (with help from Tobi Moriarty) just got the bug dishes set out before the hungry audience came out– ready to check out entomaphagy.  Check out chef Terry Lynn above wearing the Lithic shirt. Steve is wearing the Exo Protein shirt. We were live (as opposed to dead) in a video of the Oct. 14 event:

My grand daughter, Piper,  wants to be a baker/chef. She agreed to assist me at the 2nd event: The Gateway Bug screening at ACFF (w/ special tasting) on Oct. 21. Maybe she’ll attend Terry Lynn’s alma mater,at Shepherd University, for her business degree.

I was really pleased by the positive reception.  And it didn’t seem to be about the “Fear Factor” element.  Most of the movie goers were interested in the nutritional value, the sustainability, the benefit for our planet– and of course– the taste.  People seemed surprised by the wide range of flavors you can experience eating bugs.

Thanks, Hotlix CandyEntomo Farms – The Future of FoodCricket Candy and The Bug BistroExo ProteinLithic, Hopn Bakery, Bugeater Foods,Jurassic Snacks Inc. and Your Source for Feeder Roaches and moreChloe’s TreatsAspire Food GroupAketta Rainbow MealwormsChapulIncredible Foods Even treats for dogs: EntoBento. Your treats were quite a hit.

And thanks to Little HerdsMarc Sanchez– The Cricket Man, and Chef PV.

By the way, I’m celebrating World Edible Insect Day October 23, by enjoying Marcia Lynn’s cheese ham spread on Terry Lynn’s cricket flour rolls.   What are you doing to celebrate?

If you want to know more about World Edible Insect Day, check out these links: Food Mookie, and an podcast.

Here’s a  USA Today video from Sept. event– Brooklyn Bugs.