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I’m guest chef on this podcast. (5 min. duration.  My segment begins at 36:30.)  Click the podcast to listen, and there is a recipe for N-Sects-y-Sushi.

There is a great interview with “Florian Nock, who is the web marketing manager and is also in charge of brand development at Jimini’s”.  


I’ll admit I’m a bit of a poser when I let people call me a chef.  But I do enjoy cooking.  I prepared a bug dinner as a Food Pantrybenefit (the Bug Banquet) in Feb. 2017 at the Capon Bridge Community Center.  You can find photos and more here.  And Terry Lynn and Piper and I served bug dishes at the American Conservation Film Festival.  They asked me to share/serve some buggy food after a screening of the movie, “The Gateway Bug.” (Click here to see the trailer.   There are photos, a video and other information posted here on my blog.

I did take a great sushi class at Nibblins .  If you aren’t too far from Winchester, VA, I highly recommend their classes.

AND…  I served up bug dishes at the  Bugz’n’Beer event at the Town Run Tap House and Community Pub in Shepherdstown.

OK, I’m done justifying.  I know that still doesn’t make me a chef.  But it’s fun to pretend.

The last segment of the Podcast, Marc calls “The Fast 5.”  I gave a shout out to my Capon Bridge students who have a habit of jumping out of planes.  I mentioned our time in Samoa.

So… does anybody want me to come cook up some buggy deliciousness?

By the way, he asks about David Lynch.  I had to go to the net.  (Click the link if you are curious.

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