Buggy Braninfood

Thank you to Chirps, Entomo Farms – The Future of Food, Exo, Hotlix Candy, and Merci Mercado. Insect based snacks they provided were served at the Hampshire County Homeschool’s National Geography Bee at the Capon Bridge Public Library. Jiminy’s even provided snacks for “man’s best friend. “Runners and bikers have sung the praise of insect protein, claiming it helps them take seconds off their race time. But how do we explore the effect on our brain power of insects in our diet.

With or without bugs in their diet, these young folks did very well at the competition. Congratulations to Bryson (3rd place) and JD Loughry, Mason (2nd place) and Conner Wolford (champion), and Lilli Loughry. We appreciated the attendance of the Hampshire Review (thankyou, Ed Maurer for the photo.), Ed Morgan and Debra Ann Champ — Board of Education members, the library for hosting, and all the other folks who attended to cheer on our young geographers.  (www.facebook.com/steve.bailes2/posts/2268706313141869)

USA Today featured this article: From crickets to scorpions, why people are eating insects for fun.

Ento Nation posted a new audio program: Cooking with Critters: Silkworm Pupae Fudge Mallows

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