Chapulines South of the Border (or Leesburg)


2019July17CocinaOnMkt4I took Terry Lynn out to lunch at Cocina on Market (facebook) in Leesburg, VA.  We were greeted by Trevor Gregory Morgen-Westrick, the general manager.  I had emailed Rebecca Dudley, the proprietor, before our visit. They had me when I opened the menu and saw a quote from my hero, Shawnee chief Tecumseh.  “Give thanks for the food and the joy of living.  If you see no reason to give thanks the fault lies in yourself.”


I think the restaurant is only two years old.  We really enjoyed the chapulines, grasshopper tacos.  Terry Lynn and I felt we were back in Samoa receiving an alofa gift.  In Samoa we were surprised to receive the “love” gift AFTER purchasing something.  We paid for our dinner and prepared to leave, but Trevor told us he had a couple fresh chirros.  Terry Lynn is not yet as excited about eating insects, but I knew she was very appreciative of the chirros drizzled with dark chocolate.2019July17CocinaOnMkt8

It was too early in the day for me, but I need to go back for another reason.  Trevor is apparently a tequila/mezcal guru.

Hope you can visit Cocina on Market.  Buen provecho!

I’m pretty sure Trevor became a fan of big ass ants in Oxaca.  Kent Moreno took this photo when he was back in Colombia.  Kent wrote: “This guy wanted 2000 pesos for me to take this picture.”BigAssAntsFromKent

James Rolin, of Cowboy Cricket Farms,   posted a new video, How to Farm Crickets Q & A #4.  He has quite a large selection of informative videos here.

Robert Roy Britt wrote a interesting article on, “The Benefits of Eating Bugs.”

If you are in Portland, OR, Freakybuttrue Peculiarium is serving scorpions, mealworms, and crickets on their famous ice cream sundae.  You can read more here.

National Public Radio, Fresh Air is interviewing an entomologist, Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson. She points our that insects were the 1st and only fliers for 140 million years. I will be buying her book.  You can read more about the interview here.
Yahoo Business posted, “Pet owners urged to put their cats and dogs on ‘healthier’ insect-based diet.”  We hope you are not keeping all the insect goodness just for yourself.
Apropos of nothing,  did you know “La Cucaracha” means the cockroach.  You can read more here. And you can get your cockroaches here: