Tenebrio Molitor Falafel

Elisabeth Herndler came to Capon Bridge Middle School in 2002 to share her Austrian homeland at our International Festival.  ‘2002MultCultFestHendler

She recently made this post:

A slightly different falafel’ Project (or ‘Testing my friends’ tolerance’ Project – it’s all in the worm)

Main ingredients for the falafel…1ingredients

The special ingredient – mealworms…2mealworms

Half of the worms ground into flour…3MealormsGround

Tahini should not be missing in a good falafel4Tahini

Mix in some parsley and shallots, some spices, too…

The other half of the worms are added whole – so we can actually see what we are eating…8mealwormGarnish
into the frying pan they go until golden brown..9FalafelFry
and last but not least – it is all about the presentation!10FalafelWithSauce
(Steve takes over here.)
Dankeschön, Elisabeth.  I’m anxious to try this.
If anybody else wants to make this falafel dish, there are many sources for mealworms.  Rainbow Mealworm is one of the listed producers I list on my bug page.
Maybe you see the health benefits, and the benefits for our planet of using insects as food… but you just don’t want to SEE them.  You will find products like cricket powder.  You can mix the cricket powder with whatever flour you normally use.  NextMilleniumFarms (EntomoFarms) and  Aspire Food Group (Exo Protein bars) sell cricket powder.
If you want a substitute for butter, check out how Belgian Researchers Are Using Insect Fat in Baked Goods
If you’d like to try some other insect protein packed foods, everybody is welcome to join us Thurs. May 14, 2020, 4:30-7 pm, International Fiesta, Hope Christian Church Augusta, WV.  The emphasis is world cultures, not bugs.  But they let me bring my insect-as-food treats, savory and sweet.  Visit & experience cultures from all over the world– right here in Hampshire County. Open to anyone who would like to present a country. Stephanie Pryor started this great event many years ago.  If you would consider participating,  please contact the Hampshire County Public Library [302-822-3185], or Nancy Meade at the Capon Bridge Public Library (304 856 3777). Let them know if you need a table. Ethnic cuisine is welcome. Share a favorite piece of the world or just come.  This is a cooperative effort of Romney and Capon Bridge Libraries.
I hope to see you at the International Fiesta.
Until then, I wish you many wonderful taste experiences in the expanding world of Entomophagy.


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