Cricket Kale Puddin’

If you know my Terry Lynn, you know I am blessed with a patient supportive wife. My turn to cook Tuesday night. (I know. I am seeing some of you shudder.) I had a recipe for Kale Puddin’.  I asked Terry Lynn if she would mind if I threw in a 1/2 cup or so of crickets. I know she was not thrilled, but she said OK. If anybody wants the recipe, I will be glad to share it.  I may have taken a few too many liberties with the recipe. (e.g. we didn’t have rice, so I substituted 1st summer squash and then spaghetti pasta.)

An Arlington, VA classmate Peter Gundelfinger wrote: “The Whole Earth Catalogue had an entry in the ‘70s with insect recipes. It said, in the war on insects, if we can’t beat ‘em, we’ll eat ‘em!”

Just add the crickets or mealworms with the kale in the food processor.

Bug Appetit!

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