Cricket Crispies (and Other Taste Treats)

If you can’t harvest insects from your garden, there are many suppliers today. Here is one of my new favorite bug desserts.

Terry Lynn and I teamed up to make an apple pie. (“Can she make an apple pie, Stevie boy, Stevie boy…” By the way, there are some great apples available locally. If you want recommendations, let me know. (My former students often commented that I flitted from one topic to another. My lessons might have been compared to watching a ping pong game, but ping pong is just back and forth. Imagine a bunch of ping pong balls being smacked in every possible direction.)

So… I believe we were talking about insects and apple pie. (There is a connection. ) When the pie is done, sprinkle “cricket crispies”. If you have not tried it already, I would encourage you to do so. The crickets gave a slightly nutty flavor, but mostly, the crickets imparted a nice crunch.

There really are some great insect based products. And they often offer deals and discounts. I have many producers listed here.

And there is a Bug Co-op in case you want to try insect products, but you don’t want to spend a lot. The Coop allows you to purchase small orders at big order prices.

Happy fall and bug appetit!