Entomo Show Visits Notre Dame University of Baltimore

Oct. 12, 2022. Professor Laura Riley, invited me to share my passion for insects-as-food at her classroom at Notre Dame. Terry Lynn and brought the entomophagy presentation to this first four-year Roman Catholic college for women in the United States (1896).

Had a great day Wednesday. Prof. Laura Riley is now teaching at Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore. She invited Terry Lynn and me to her classroom. I shared my passion for insects-as-food– how they are a sustainable food. How entomophagy is good for you, good for the environment– and they taste good. Terry Lynn shared her famous cricket flour brownies.

After class, Laura took us to a marvelously goofy place– Papermoon Diner. The food was amazing. The service was exemplary. But the ambiance is… bizarre– artsy. I felt like I was back in San Francisco.

If you are curious about entomophagy, you might check out all the companies and restaurants that are selling insect-based foods: http://stevebailes.org/blogs/entotreats/

Bug Appetit!