Bug Show at the 4-H club at Little Cacapon Baptist

“Rhonda Omps Moore wrote: “The “Bug Man” came to 4-H last night. My kids weren’t scared to try bug brownies and crickets!🦗🐜🐛

Rhonda Omps Moore and Melissa Whitacre invited me to share my bug show with their 4-H club. I really enjoy presenting the benefits of entomophagy to young people. Rhonda took most of these photos.

Noah Whetzel’s mom took the photo of Noah and me.

Terry Lynn made the Cricket Brownies made with Entomo Farms cricket powder. Some of the young people seemed to enjoy the spiced crickets.

If you want to order your own insect protein snacks check out the listing on this page: http://stevebailes.org/blogs/entotreats/

I get a kick out of thinking one of these kids could be the next insect protein product entrepreneur. Or maybe he/ she might be the entomologist who discovers a whole discovers a whole new use for insects.

Joseph Yoon, of Brooklyn Bugs, shared this insightful post about entomophagy.
“Among the things we are truly delighted to share on a regular basis, is the philosophy we have as edible insect ambassadors. Here are some talking points we consistently emphasize:

-I love sharing the tremendous potential and innovation with edible insects, but am not forcing this on anybody. I really want individuals to make their own decision and not feel like I’m talking AT them; otherwise, this would be propaganda and not educational.

-I am not suggesting people eat insects and give up meat, nor am I trying to take anything away from you. Rather we’re trying to diversify your diet, and ADD a delicious, nutrient dense, sustainable, and smart form of protein for your consideration.

-Edible insects are incredibly nutritious, and crickets have all nine essential amino acids, prebiotic chitin that’s good for your gut health, vitamin b12, potassium, and iron, and are really an amazing source of food with tremendously broad gastronomical applications.

-There are over two thousand species of edible insects with incredibly different flavor profiles, textures, and functionalities – you can prepare them in sweet and savory applications, and literally “bugify” any type of food or cuisine.

-Insect powders can be utilized for baking, in your sauces, as soup stocks, as a tempura batter and so much more. Whole insects can be transformed from their raw state to create new forms of more readily acceptable foods like bug(ers), and bug balls (meatballs). The only limitation cooking with edible insects lies with our imagination.

-If you were to eat edible insects once a week, even that would have a tremendous impact on the environment.

-Realistically, until we have more availability with ready to eat insect products – like bug burgers and cricket mac n cheese – I think it’s difficult for many people to consider how to incorporate insect protein on a regular basis. Hopefully we’ll start seeing the availability of ento-based products grow in the coming months and years ahead.”

Joseph is one of the pioneers in the world of entomophagy.