Steve lives in the suburbs of North River Mills, WV, near the foot of Ice Mountain, between Slanesville and Capon Bridge. While studying at WVU, he fell in love with a cute Morgantown choir girl. He and Terry Lynn (Ryan) married in 1976. His two daughters, Heather and Stephanie each have a boy and a girl and are living in Cape Cod, MA and Concord, NC respectively.

He was born 1953 in Clarksburg, WV, but spent most of his childhood outside Washington, DC.

He is a retired elementary and secondary teacher. He runs a farm (beef and forage).
Terry Lynn and I go to teach in Taiwan and Samoa for a year (1999-2000). I love good food, and I got to try some foods that seemed exotic to me. I didn’t like them all, but I was glad I tried them. Some I know never to try again. But many are now favorites.

Perhaps along a similar vein, bugs can provide a whole knew palette for the palate. There are so many interesting, distinctive flavors and textures. And we can feel virtuous when we eat bugs because we are eating healthy foods, we are helping make the Earth more sustainable for our grandchildren, and we are helping to promote an efficient food source that may help feed the rapidly expanding human population.

So, if you have time and inclination, maybe you’ll check out his musings on this blog. Questions and comments are welcome. Bug appetit!