Bugz, Beer and Mead

On December 13,  Town Run Tap House and Community Pub in Shepherdstown, WV hosted a fun evening. It was actually three events: 1. Bugz’n’Beer (and my Facebook event page and Town Run’s Facebook event page:  Bugs and Beer and Mead Oh My!) 2.  Mountain Dragon Mazery of Fairmont, hosted a Mead tasting . And 3. this was a Kids Eat Free Wednesday’s.

I had contacted several businesses to see if anybody was interested in hosting a beer and bugs pairing event. Todd, owner of Town Run Pub, wrote back that he was interested.  Jessie Shanholtz, Todd’s sweetheart is also owner of the pub.

I have been a guest presenter for the National Park Service, for the American Conservation Film Association (at Shepherd College), for schools and civic groups– but this is his first public venture into pairings with alcohol– a natural match don’t you think?

Some hometowners showed up.  My sister and brother-in-law, Lynn and Brian came.  Brian actually was manning the bug foods table for a while. Former Capon Bridge school colleagues, Jo and Terry Largent came by.  Jo is is Jessie’s mom.  I know they came to see their grand daughter rather than my bug stuff, but it was fun seeing them.

It cracked me up that Todd labeled me a “local legend.”  He wrote, “Join us for a fun and crazy night… We will have local legend Steve Bailes serving up all sorts of bugs for you to sample and explain the health benefits from consuming our little buddies.”  He and Jessie bought and converted the old Southern States in Shepherdstown into a pub. Roomy and comfortable– it was a great venue. They have an impressive kitchen and menu, too (great reubens.)  I would encourage you to stop in and check them out.

I would also encourage you to try  Mountain Dragon Mazery mead.  I thought it was interesting that they get some of their honey from Patterson Creek Apiary of Burlington.

The Spirit of Jefferson posted a blurb about the event on it’s front page.

Terry Lynn prepared cricket flour brownies and cricket flour pepperoni rolls. She also made cricket macaroni and chees.  I made N-sectsy sushi.  I had  lots of taste treats thanks to AaronPauling.com Your Source for Feeder Roaches and moreExo ProteinAketta and Aspire Food GroupBugeater FoodsCrik Nutrition – Cricket Protein PowderCritter BittersHotlix CandyIncredible FoodsJurassic Snacks Inc., Lithic Nutrition, Entomo Farms – The Future of FoodRainbow MealwormsCricket Candy and The Bug Bistro. We even had snacks to take home for the dogs — from Hopn Bakery, EntoBento, and Chloe’s Treats.  Thanks so much for your generous donations.

Again, if you are interested or if you’d like to see a list of insect food companies, check out: http://stevebailes.org/blogs/entotreats/

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